A Webclient downloader for Flarum

Mainly as a project for furthering my php/js skills, Pockethold enables to some extent the possibility to install Flarum, an open source forum, without having access to SSH/terminal and composer.

Code can be found here:


(Not exactly active, but still)

Launched 2007 as "OurForums.net", it quickly grew in active users, but as the activity was mainly gaming related, trough our community Minecraft servers, it was re-branded "OurGaming.net" not many years later.

At most, I spent up towards 600 dollars a month for dedicated servers, and a variable amount on licenses. The servers served over 600 concurrent users at all hours from both EU and US, divided on six Arma 2: Wasteland servers. Our admin and moderator team reached over 30 wonderful people, with weekly staff meetings and all it entails.

My ability to fund the community died when I became a father. And without the game servers, the forums slowly died down until only the core members and staff was left. Now, only a Discord server, and a teamspeak server is still alive under the name... (Sad music).

It is, however, always on my mind to relaunch OurGaming.net, but as something more viable. Maybe a gaming news publication, maybe a indie game dev studio, maybe...